workshops and speeches



Sarah is well versed in a number of disability related topics. Along with her personal and her Masters in Disability Studies, she uses her 20 plus years of professional experience to create interactive, informative and thought provoking workshops. Contact Sarah for a dynamic workshop and learn about topics such as Self-Advocacy to Disability Culture, and more.


Self-Advocacy Workshop

Sarah speaks to how self-advocacy is one of the most important skills needed in order to take control of a person’s education and overall life. She details how understanding the manner a student best learns, participation in their education experience, connecting to a support systems, and having the opportunity to express themselves can build self-advocacy skills. In addition, can assist a person to live self-determined.


Disability Culture Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to look at Disability Culture from the vantage point of Disability history in order to understand the importance of today’s Disability Culture and it’s subcultures. The discussion involves the exploring of the IDEA law, ADA Movement, the power of self-advocacy, the diversity in disability culture and how people who experience disabilities are claiming their disabilities in a very positive way.


Person-Centered Thinking Workshop

This workshop provides a historical overview of Disability in society in effort to express the importance and above all the power of Person-Center Language and Thinking. In addition, the workshop explores the forward movements that are taking place in order to create a more inclusive world as it relates to people who experience disabilities.


Disability Consumer Service Workshop

The objective of this workshop is to explore best consumer services practices for people who experience disabilities, for people who experience disabilities to be seen and respected as economical contributors to their community. Sarah presents businesses needs to pay closer attention consumer service practices for people who experience disabilities by using Person-Center approach, knowledge of Disability Diversity and Disability History, and by treating them as everyday consumers.



Sarah is a true believer that words carry energy, and that words can influence minds and hearts to realize the community of people who experience disability are a vital part of society. Sarah has been speaking in front of small and large audiences since she was sixteen years old. Sarah’s main objective is to take her audiences on a journey of awareness and knowledge. She challenges people and calls them to be agents of change. She speaks on variety of topics, and can tailor her speeches to the theme of any given event. Contact Sarah for a keynote speech for a conference, summit, convention or other event.


Growing Up In Newark, New Jersey Speech

Sarah was raised with three brothers who had a very different life experience than her. Each brother affected her life in a very unique way. She explains that she often sat on the sidelines and watched as her brothers experienced the street life of Newark, NJ. Sarah speaks to how the results of her brothers’ choices in life made her conscious of wanting different for herself. She also realized that experiencing cerebral palsy was her saving grace against becoming a statistic. Sarah is candid about the details of growing up in Newark and the impact it had on her life.


Paved Roads Speech

Sarah takes her audience on her personal journey of awareness and self-discovery as she shares aspects of her life’s story. She details how she pieced together her life puzzle by using the skills of dreaming, having expectations, self-awareness, and advocacy to successfully transition in school and above all, in life. From the unpaved roads of Puerto Rico to the paved roads of Newark, New Jersey, Sarah puts the pieces of her “life puzzle” together as she follows her dreams and paves her own life’s road.


Human Experience Of Disability Speech

In this keynote, Sarah speaks to how many in society view disability as a medical and mental condition. Additionally, how disability is the opposite of what is considered “normal.” During this presentation Sarah shares with the audience the concept that disability is a human experience. Sarah expresses that disability is something that can happen to anyone at any given time. She uses the talking points of Disability Culture, self-advocacy, Person-Centered planning and Self-Direction to demonstrate how the community of people who experience disability have the human right to live how they wish.