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Paved Roads by Sarah Helena Vazquez

“Paved Roads” is an autobiography by Sarah Helena Vazquez that gives insight on Sarah’s up-bringing. She takes the reader on a journey of self-awakening and self discovery that encouraged Sarah to follow her dreams in spite of the lifelong realty that she experiences a disability.

Time and time again Sarah is faced with life’s obstacles which lead her to lessons of faith, love, strength, healing, and perseverance. Sarah’s life lessons stem from the relationships with her family, friends, lover, and a one-time meeting. She creates a paved road from an unpaved road and ascertains the somebody she was meant to be.
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“I listened to your motivational speech and was deeply moved by your story. I wanted to speak to you but was so overwhelmed at what you said and I had not processed all the information that I could not reach out to you. Your story really inspired me and I feel I can continue to advocate for my son. He (he has multiple disabilities) has been told that he cannot go to college. His brother is at Rutgers so he wants to go there eventually. However, I sometimes have some doubts due to his disabilities. Now, I feel he can do whatever he feels like doing. Thank you for your inspirational story.”

A. Denda

“I was present at the conference when you did the luncheon presentation. I can’t remember when I’ve ever been a part of a more attentive audience! You had us all mesmerized. I was really thankful for your comedic gifts. Every time I felt tears welling up, you would crack us up with your humor. I’m the lady that asked you if your mother was still living. I loved the part about her “partnering” with other people in your life. She must be an amazing lady. I will cherish your story for many years, Sarah. Thank you for sharing it with us.”

P. Rainer – Assistant Special Education Supervisor